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Moniteur de l'Aéronautique - Israel - Egypt, the face to face of the air forces (ebook)

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€5,00 - €5,00

Israel - Egypte le face a face des armées de l'air

Thtough 49 issues of Le Moniteur de l'Aéronautique

The first issue of the magazine "Le Moniteur de l'Aéronautique" hit the newsstands in October 1977. In November 1981, the last issue ended 49 issues rich in aviation news and history.

This compilation is especially valuable for its comprehensive and richly illustrated history of the Israeli Air Force. No less than four successive editions were necessary to exhaust the subject. We are at the end of the 1970s. The wounds of the Yom Kippur War had barely healed. And nobody imagines that a few years later, the Camp David agreements will attempt the impossible. And to maintain the geostrategic balance of this compilation, an interesting photographic report on the Egyptian air force completes the whole.

Fragmentary, quasi-impressionist, this compilation does not pretend to treat the subject in an exhaustive way. It simply has the value of a snapshot that fixes a certain vision.
The way things were seen more than forty years ago.

56 pages - in French

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