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Maroselli, André - The Sabotage of Our Aviation (1941) (ebook)

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€5,00 - €5,00

Maroselli, André - The Sabotage of Our Aviation (1941)

Main cause of our defeat

Foreword by René Fonck

André Maroselli, Senator of the Haute Saône, Mayor of Luxeuil (an important air base) and Secretary of the Senate Air Committee, traces the structural causes of the French Air Force's defeat against the Luftwaffe in 1940. He describes without complacency the causes of its numerical and technical inferiority, evokes the many warnings sent to the Daladier government on this subject and its lack of reaction. He makes a merciless indictment against the inadequacies of the equipment, the plethora of decision-making bodies and the lack of efficiency of the aeronautics industry.

135 pages. In French.

André MAROSELLI (1893-1970), was Minister of Air, from January 22 to October 22, 1947, in the government of Paul Ramadier.
He was also Secretary of State for the Armed Forces (Air) under various governments on several occasions. During the 1914-1918 war, he was commended 7 times and decorated with the Legion of Honour by Clemenceau. A senator, in 1939, at his request, he was mobilized and appointed Reserve Lieutenant-Colonel in the Air Force. Suspected by the Gestapo in 1942, he was arrested and interned in Fresnes as a hostage. Engaging in the Resistance, he was the first senator, in 1943, to join de Gaulle in London. President of the Central Committee for Prisoners' Aid, he travelled to the USA to collect clothes and food. After the Liberation, he pursued a political career at both the national and local levels.