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D'Orcy's Airship Manual (1917)

€5,00 - €5,00
€5,00 - €5,00

A fascinatingly accurate and comprehensive status report of airships in the world in 1917.
International Register of Airships
Elementary Mechanics of the Airships
The airship in World War I
The world airship builders
The world airship production
The military airship fleet in 1917
Comparative strength of the military airship fleets
Airship losses of the Allies and of Germany
The German airship raids on Great Britain
The Commercial airship fleets of 1914 and their operators
The world's airship sheds

Original Publishing: New York, The Century Co., 1917

246 pages in English
ISBN-10: 1297584074
ISBN-13: 978-1297584077

was born in Gratz, Austria in 1887 and raised in Paris. His barony is part of the Austro-Hungarian aristocratic families. He was educated in Hungary and Italy. He travelled extensively as a young man throughout Europe, the Balkans, India and the Far East.
He was considered an authority on airships, Zeppelins, dirigibles, etc. He wrote many articles for Scientific American, Flight, L'Aero and Hydro. He was also editor of several aviation journals, including Aviation and Aircraft Journal.