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Coup d’œil sur Air Inter (1974) Air Inter at a Glance (ebook)

€8,00 - €8,00
€8,00 - €8,00
Air Inter at a Glance (1974)

Original cover by Peynet

This book was published in 1974 by the communication agency Elpé Production on the occasion of the entry into service of the Dassault Mercure on the Air Inter routes.

Almost no text, except a preface signed by Robert Vergnaud, the Chairman and CEO of Air Inter at the time, and a few paragraphs praising the comfort and modernity of the Mercure.

140 pages of photos and engravings showing the activity of a modern airline - like Air Inter - and constant references to the history of aviation and its precursors. All this is enhanced by a multitude of quotations from writers, philosophers and film-makers, which usually replace the photo captions.

A modern and successful communication concept for its time.

140 pages