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Carbon, André - Histoires de la 11ème Escadre de Chasse (2019) Stories of 11 Fighter Wing

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The 11th Fighter Wing of the French Air Force had the particularity of being in charge of the CAFI mission (Air Component of Intervention Forces) which led it to participate in all OPEX (external operations) for 20 years.
It was equipped with two mythical aircraft: the F-100 and the Jaguar from 1975.
This book does not offer you the history of this squadron with a capital "H", but a compilation of articles written by those who belonged to this unit. They tell what they experienced in the 11EC: a mission in France or in OPEX, an anecdote, an account of daily life...
Thus, over 400 pages, the reader is drawn into the daily life of the Air Force units at the time, on base in France or during multiple detachments, particularly in Africa over a period of twenty years. The articles are short, from 1 to 3 pages on average. We go from a difficult refuelling to a real mission (the attack of Ouadi Doum or the first intervention of the Jaguar during "Desert Storm"), and to an ejection on landing via multiple anecdotes.
André Carbon, a former member of the 11EC, has compiled all these memories - written by their protagonists - into an extremely lively book that he published in 2019. This book is now out of print and he has given us permission to make it available for free download. We thank him for that.
He also runs the exciting 11EC website which can be found at .
PDF - 414 pages - in French.