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Almanach de l'aviation belge 1936 - Almanac of Belgian Aviation and Air Defense

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€8,00 - €8,00

Almanac of Belgian Aviation and Air Defense 1936

Regulation of Belgian civil aeronautics

Civil and customs airfields (6), military (7) and private ( 14!)

History and current state of gliding in Belgium

Private aviation and tourism clubs in Belgium

Small Aviation" (scale models)

Air routes: an air journey Brussels Cologne Frankfurt Nuremberg Münich Venice Rome Rome Vienna Berlin Berlin Copenhagen Hamburg Amsterdam Rotterdam London

SABENA and the Belgium France Congo line

The splendours of our military aeronautics

War or post-war insignia of our military aeronautics

How to define flying devices? Balloons, airships, gliders, gliders, parachutes, monocoque, biplane, transatlantic, duck, flying wing, gyroplane, helicopter, kite ...

Suske Tournavis's dream, an (aerial) Christmas tale

Official international aeronautical records

Aerial protection in Belgium; advice on passive protection against aerial danger

Aerial Photo Identification Contest

Directory of aeronautical addresses in Belgium

The Royal Aero Club of Belgium

What you need to do, what you need to know to enter the military aeronautics industry

68 pages - in French