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Aeroclub d'Auvergne - 1922 Yearbook (ebook)

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€4,00 - €4,00

Aéroclub d'Auvergne - Yearbook 1922

The directories sometimes propose interesting texts: it is the case for this one!

On May 8, 1920, two former military aviation aces, Gilbert Sardier and Louis Chartoire, created an association intended to promote sport aerial driving, which would become one of the very first aeroclubs in France the following month. From the start, the Aéroclub d'Auvergne had great editorial ambitions for its 131-page directory. It had secured the active support of the leading aeronautical journalist and author of the time, Jacques Mortane.

The editor of "La Vie Aérienne Illustrée" and "La Vie au grand air" had contributed three articles: a foreword explaining the dynamism of the young club created by an ace of the first war (he had given the club a two-seater Nieuport), an article on the origins of aviation in the 19th century, and a rather long conference on the state of aviation in France, the aeronautical policy of the time (Laurent Eynac's reforms) and even the role of women in aviation,

There is also an article on Auvergne and aviation by G. Sardier, a lovely aeronautical tale by Marcel Perrin, "Le Nid ailé", and even some rather surreal poetry on aviation.

It ends with an interesting evocation of the memory of Lieutenant Bernard de Romanet, holder of several world speed records on Spad and Nieuport.

131 pages - in French

Today, based at Clermont Auvergne airport, the Aero-Club has no less than 140 members who are passionate about aviation and its fleet currently consists of 6 modern aircraft which can be found at