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Adler Jahrbuch 1942 - Yearbook of the German Air Force Magazine

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Adler Jahrbuch 1942

Verlag Scherl, Berlin

Every year, the publisher of 'Der Adler', the German Air Force's weekly magazine, published a large yearbook with illustrated stories and reports on the past year. This propaganda book necessarily began with a picture of Field Marshal Goering and a calendar in which each day of the year commemorated an event, be it the bombing of Cardiff in 1941 or the death of Martin Luther in 1546.

The articles in the 1942 issue review the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Balkans, the Ridge Offensive, long-range anti-ship warfare in the Atlantic, night missions over London, a 'poetry' of the fighter, the morale and spirit of the pilot, cartoons, the inevitable tale of comradeship and heroism, the work of the anti-aircraft artillery (which depended on the Luftwaffe), the equipment and rations of crews in flight, the work of signals units, the story of a pilot shot down in Libya, a report on animal mascots in the squadrons, research into flying at very high altitudes, sports disciplines in the Luftwaffe, photographic reconnaissance, "I flew with Goering over Stockholm in 1920", production personnel in aeronautical factories, flying and fighting in Africa, the Norwegian campaign, an aeronautical poetry competition, the clouds, the pilot's homeland, all ending with an impressive collection of advertising (support) pages from the various German aeronautical manufacturers.

190 pages - German.