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Welcome to Fort Benning (1970)

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Airborne (1970)
4th Student Battalion
Fort Benning, Georgia

Fort Benning, Georgia, can truly be called the "Cradle of American Airborne". The first test unit, composed of 48 enlisted and two officer volunteers, was formed at this post in June of 1940 and made its first jump in august of that year. By 1970, there have been well over 1,000,000 student parachute jumps made at Fort Benning.
Until January 1946 the training was aimed at parachute qualification, however since then, the student has been given the training necessary for him to enter combat by the use of the powered aircraft or the parachute. Officers take the same course and are assigned to the same company as enlisted men.
The five basic jump techniques teached at Fort Benning are (1) control of the jumper inside the aircraft prior to jumping; (2) control of the jumper's body from the door of aircraft until he receives opening shock; (3) control of the parachute during descent; (4) making contact with the ground (PLF); (5) control of the parachute once the jumper is on the ground.
The trainee makes five jumps from an aircraft in flight to qualify as a parachutist. All jumps are made at 1250 ft.

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