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Teilhaber, Felix A. - Judische flieger im weltkrieg - Jewish flyers in WWI (1924) (digital edition)

$16.00 - $16.00
$16.00 - $16.00

Jüdische Flieger im Weltkrieg

Verlag der Schild, Berlin, Germany

 The story of the achievements of German-Jewish pilots in the first world war.

In 1924, at the height of a public defamation campaign blaming German Jews for Germany’s defeat in World War One, this book was published with the support of Jewish assocations, with the aim of publicizing the heroism and sacrifice of the Jewish airmen who flew and fought for their German homeland. (The pilot depicted on the cover was a Jewish infantryman and flyer who used the - inverted - swastika as good luck symbol and as a personal emblem for his aircraft. It had nothing to do with the nazi logo).

Second edition (first was in 1919 with a slightly different title).  Photographic illustrations. Publisher's quarter green cloth with gilt spine lettering over pictorial boars showing a German plane.  1 full page illustration, 3 full page facsimiles and 41 text illustrations (mostly portraits of fliers and airplanes). 124 pp. plus 4 pp ads, [1, colophon]. 1 vols. Octavo. NUC locates only 8 copies; BMC lists none. 

The author was a dermatologist , writer and Zionist. He served as a military physician in WW1 and had been decorated with the Iron Cross First Class.

In some cases, a paragraph of p. 50 is blacked out: this is not the case in this copy

Apparently, this copy was recovered by United States forces in Offenbach, where the Nazis stored books they confiscated and held them in anticipation of the creation of a library relating to the Jewish people. The plan was to establish this library after their plan to murder all the Jews in the world was implemented.

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