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Moniteur de l'Aéronautique - Regards sur l'US Navy - Insights on the US Navy (ebook)

$12.00 - $12.00
$12.00 - $12.00

Insights into the US Navy

Throughout the 49 issues of the Moniteur de l'Aéronautique

The first issue of the magazine "Le Moniteur de l'Aéronautique" arrived on newsstands in October 1977. In November 1981, the last issue brought to an end 49 publications rich in aviation news and history.

At that time, the American naval aviation was just emerging from the Vietnamese conflict and was trying to rebuild itself. The new Nimitz-class aircraft carriers were entering service and all hopes were pinned on the Tomcat/Phoenix pair to protect the aircraft carrier Task Force against the new wave of long-range supersonic bombers and anti-ship cruise missiles of the Soviet Navy. This compilation nevertheless includes a few articles on more "Vintage" aircraft models such as the Corsair, the Catalina, or the Crusader.

Fragmentary, quasi-impressionist, this compilation does not claim to cover the subject exhaustively. It simply has the value of a snapshot that fixes a certain vision.
The one we used to see things more than forty years ago.

120 pages - in French - PDF to download