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Moniteur de l'Aéronautique - French Air Force from the post-war period to the Cold War (ebook)

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$11.00 - $11.00

The Air Force from the post-war period to the Cold War

Through 49 issues of Le Moniteur de l'Aéronautique

The first issue of the magazine "Le Moniteur de l'Aéronautique" hit the newsstands in October 1977. In November 1981, the last issue ended 49 issues rich in news and aviation history.

Over the course of its fifty or so issues, the Moniteur de l'Aéronautique
de l'Aéronautique has devoted a great deal of space to the French Air Force, both in its historical and current aspects. The issue of the reconstruction of the Air Force in the aftermath of the Second World War was discussed in three important in-depth articles, not forgetting a fourth devoted to the involvement of light aircraft in the Algerian War. Some little known aircraft such as the P-63, the Meteor, or the F-100 Super Sabre are also described in their operational context.

The news articles of the time (i.e. the late 1970s) focus on the Air Force's order of battle at the height of the Cold War. The various functional commands, such as air defence, tactical air force, transport and training, are described.

Fragmentary, quasi-impressionistic, this compilation does not claim to be an exhaustive treatment of the subject. It simply has the value of a snapshot that fixes a certain vision.
The way things were seen more than forty years ago.

143 pages - in French

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