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Les Avions Caudron T1 (2021) (Hauet, André) - Caudron Airplanes

$84.00 - $84.00
$84.00 - $84.00

Les avions Caudron Tome 1

André Hauet

Editions PatH

In 2001, Lela Presse published a real "sum" by André Hauet on the Caudron aircraft in two volumes. Since then, this undisputed Caudron specialist had constantly updated his work until his death in 2018.

Lela Presse is recognised as a top-of-the-line publisher. By deciding to republish this enriched work in three volumes, the PatH Publishing House set the bar very high. And they have won their bet. The result is a sumptuous work, with an exceptionally rich iconography (1500 photos!) and a very high standard of information on all the Caudrons from the foundation of the company in 1908 to 1932.

For each type of aircraft: The history. The technical description. Performance data. Civil and military registrations. Plans, 3 views, and an exceptional document from the manufacturer's archives: the list of all the aircraft built by Caudron.

The layout is of very high quality and is printed on heavyweight semi-matt paper. You will find the fighters, the twin-engine bombers of the WWI, the transport planes with padded cabins of the 20s, the seaplanes, the beginnings at Le Crotoy, the saga of the Type G, the period of the engineer Deville, the passage of Brunet, then the return of Deville. Almost 400 pages for 83 aircraft.

A second volume is planned for June 2022; it will cover the aircraft from 1932 to 1944. And a third - scheduled for December - will focus on the more human aspects of the Caudron epic.

A book of very high quality

375 pages - in French