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FAA - Alaska Accidents & Fatigue

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Alaska Accidents & Fatigue

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration


Alaska is known for its varied and rugged landscape. Along with temperamental weather and extremely long summer days, Alaskan aviation represents some of the most difficult flying in the U.S., if not the world.

Research conducted by the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) has shown that increasing levels of fatigue can manifest in increased skill-based, decision-based, and perceptual errors. Combined with the rugged conditions, fatigue puts Alaskan pilots at even greater risk.

So how should Alaskan pilots avoid fatigue-related errors?

FAA Aeromedical Safety Brochures are prepared for general aviation pilots, commercial pilots and physicians. The brochures acquaint the aviation community with the physiological challenges of the aviation environment and relevant safety concerns.


PDF – 4 pages – in English - free download