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Chicago ICA - Convention on International Civil Aviation - (1944) (ebook)

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Convention on International Civil Aviation - 1944

The Second World War was a powerful catalyst for the development of aviation. As a result, the U.S. government invited 55 states to participate in an international conference on civil aviation in Chicago in 1944. Delegates from these states traveled to Chicago at great personal risk, as many countries were still under occupation. On December 7, 1944, 52 of them signed the new Convention on International Civil Aviation, known as the Chicago Convention. It laid the foundation for peaceful air navigation worldwide and created ICAO.

This international convention has 96 articles and is composed of four parts: air navigation, the functioning of ICAO, international air transport and special provisions on the settlement of disputes, cases of war, etc. The Convention is the first of its kind in the world.

It confirms national sovereignty in air regulation, deals with violations of airspace and their interception, establishes the rules of the air, rules for aircraft registration, safety. It clarifies the rights and duties of signatory countries with regard to international transport by air.

The convention has been supplemented with annexes dealing with 18 specific subjects.
1. Licensing;
2. Rules of the air ;
3. Meteorology;
4. Aeronautical charts ;
5. Measuring units in air/ground communications ;
6. Technical operation of aircraft ;
7. Nationality and registration marks ;
8. Certificates of airworthiness;
9. Facilitation;
10. Aeronautical Telecommunications ;
11. Air traffic services ;
12. Search and rescue ;
13. Accident Investigation ;
14. Aerodromes ;
15. Aeronautical information services ;
16. Aircraft noise ;
17. Safety and protection of international civil aviation against unlawful acts ;
18. Safety of air transport of dangerous goods.

It is accompanied by an Interim Agreement, a Convention on Air Transport and a Convention on Air Transit.

5 documents:
Convention on International Civil Aviation - 114 pages - in English, French, Spanish and Russian
Interim Convention on International Civil Aviation - 15 pages - in English
Agreement on International Carriage by Air - 7 pages - in English
Convention on Air Transit Services - 6 pages - in English
Appendices 1 to 18 - 34 pages - in English

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