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Air Magazine 1929 #8 (August)

$5.00 - $5.00
$5.00 - $5.00

Air Magazine 1929 #8

27 pages – in French


10 years after (the opening of Le Bourget); an assessment of the first ten years of airport operations: from two aircraft per day to 20,000 passengers per year.

Interview: Edmond Lotti; the owner of the famous Parisian hotel evokes his first Paris-London flight.

Our airlines: Geneva-Lyon in a 5-seater Spad.

Nancy, commercial aviation center; the municipality calls for a stopover on the Paris-Berlin line

The regularity of air transport: statistics

Our air transport surveys: 200 kilos of fruit each day from Paris to London for the Savoy and the Claridge

Madame flies: Worth House creates a line of clothing for women traveling by plane.

Postal mail and aviation Advertising by plane

A nice day at Le Bourget: 25 departures, 25 arrivals and 278 passengers!

The Farman Airlines Traffic in 1929

Aeronautical news: an airport in Deauville?