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Aeronautical history of Morocco, June 1916 - October 1919 (ebook)

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$6.00 - $6.00

Historique de l'Aéronautique du Maroc Juin 1916 - Octobre 1919 (1919)

Author unknown

A booklet in schoolbook format tracing the itinerary and operations of the French Air Force units and aircraft detached to Morocco during the second part of the First World War.

An interesting page of history because, after the departure for the front in France of the majority of the infantry battalions, the Resident General had to face the rebellions of the local people. The absence of enemy aircraft allowed the use of aircraft that could no longer be of any use in France. They were used for reconnaissance and bombing of the rebel tribes.

Deployments and operations in the regions of Rhorm el Alem, Aguelmous, the Middle and Great Atlas, Taza-Fez, Tifalalet, Kenifra-Arbaoua and Aïn Mediouna are described.

The book ends with a list of citations and awards for squadrons 551 to 558.

46 pages in French