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Recognition Journal July 1944

$28.00 - $28.00
$28.00 - $28.00

Published jointly by the US War and Navy Depts.

50 pages – Black & White



Quiz nr 1 : Warplanes in combat

Combat Recognition

Recognition is though in the air

Battle spotting is complicated

Three Jills (Japanese torpedo bombers) are in trouble

Wakes don’t help ship recognition

Catalina family has new member

Allies have two new transports: Budd RB-1 Conestoga and Vickers Warwick

Sea Otter and Arado 240

Mitchell and Marauder: Veteran US bombers change outline with new guns

Recognition training list

New and revised airplanes silhouettes

Tank turrets: national turret lines supply best recognition features

Evolution of the US tank turret

Two Russian tank turrets and four German types

Japanese cargo ships

Cargo vessels: German Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Dutch

Small jap ships for inter-island transport

Quiz nr 2 : Armoured equipment in action

Red Air Force: Western allies will meet it on Balkan front

They found a Terutsuki

Topsy, an important jap secondary aircraft

Skymaster vs. Kurier: Douglas transport differs from Luftwaffe’s FW-200

The B-29 and the Ju-188

Quiz nr 3 : Pacific Task Forces

Quiz nr 4 : important new sillographs