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Crosnier, Alain - Au-dessus des djebels (Above the Djebels) (2004) (printed)

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Crosnier, Alain - Above the Djebels

French Air Force aircraft in North Africa 1945-1967

Air assets used by the French Air Force during pacification operations in the 5th Air Region


This book makes an inventory of the main French Air Force aircraft (planes and helicopters) engaged in the whole of the 5th RA (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) between May 1945 and March 1962. So-called law enforcement operations quickly became real military operations in front of the insurrection that turned into the Algerian war. The review covers the period ending in 1967, when the last French forces left Algeria.

The author reviews the disparate aerial equipment of the French Air Force flying schools in North Africa until their withdrawal to France; he then discusses the liaison units which, at the very beginning, created the air network necessary for command. An examination of the deployment of units from metropolitan France sheds light on the policy conducted, in particular for the benefit of the French Union.

The following chapters present the various types of aircraft (according to the classification used at the time) as well as the periods during which the units concerned used them in law enforcement operations. From the P-39 Airacobra to the Vautour II, including such little-known aircraft as the “Mouette”, the “Vanneau”, the “Fennec”, the “Toucan”, the MS.72, the Languedoc, the LeO 453 or the Bloch 161, nearly forty aircraft are mentioned, with an exceptionally rich iconography.

Finally, a table gives information on the period of use of the main aircraft put on the front line.

The order of battle of the Air Force in North Africa is thus presented through its aircraft and units.

89 pages - in French