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Maluquer, Juan - Aviacion sin motor (1941) (Original printed Edition)

€18,00 - €18,00
€18,00 - €18,00

Aviacion sin motor – Juan Maluquer 1941

80 pages - in Spanish

Seix y Barral, Barcelona

After a short chapter on the history of motorless flight going back to Otto Lilienthal, the author dives into the elementary theory of gliding, with formulas to support it. He distinguishes between two categories of flight without a motor: static flight (which simply glides) and dynamic flight, which relies on the weather conditions to fly a course.

He devotes a good part of the book to updrafts and how best to use them to make an interesting flight.

He also reviews the different categories and formulas of gliders: school, training, competition, tailplane, front wing and over wing.

Finally, he concludes the book with various considerations on the design of the wings, fuselage, empennage, control surface and landing devices.

A fine work on the general theory of gliding.