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USAF CHECO report 1968 04 - The War in Vietnam (January – June 1967)

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The War in Vietnam (January – June 1967)

By Lee Bonetti

29 April 1968

US Air Force – PACAF

"The War in Vietnam" provides an overall look at the Southeast Asian situation, as it relates to the role of the United States Air Force. Intensifying its air operations, the USAF increased its close air support, interdiction, fixed wing, and helicopter support. New tactics were also improve the Search and Rescue capability in highly defended areas and measures were devised to minimize limitations of aircraft in recovering downed airmen.

In an effort to exhaust enemy resources and remove his sanctuaries in North Vietnam, one of the major objectives of the air campaign was greater targeting freedom. A probing for target alternatives showed destruction of hard-to-replace vehicles could be more effective than "cratering a road, interdicting a rail line, or destroying a bridge." Since enemy strategy emphasized prolonging the war by keeping the U.S. out of the Hanoi/Haiphong region, CINCPAC enumerated methods of attacking his air defence system, including MIG air bases and aircraft on the ground.

PLANS AND POLICIES: Enemy Strategy - US Objectives - Anti-Inflation Operations - Air Operations -

AIR FORCE RESOURCES: - Deployment Plans - New Tactical Fighter Wing - A-37 - F-4D - O-2A - F-Ill Aircraft - RB-58 Aircraft

AIR SUPPORT OPERATIONS: Major CAS Operations - SAM HOUSTON (18 Jan-5 Apr) - THAYER II (25 Oct 66-12 Feb 67) - JUNCTION CITY (22 Feb-16 May) - ENTERPRISE - HICKORY - Enemy Reaction - ARC LIGHT PROGRAM - Interdiction - TINY TIM - POKER DICE Program - Overflights - U-Tapao Security - ARC LIGHT Effectiveness - U Reconnaissance Operations - Classified Projects - Truce Activity - 7AF Reconnaissance Study

SEARCH AND RESCUE - Combat Rescue Mission - Personnel Saved - Combat Aircrew Recovery Aircraft - SAR Limitations

HERBICIDE OPERATIONS - Herbicide Shortage - Sortie Rate - Project PINK ROSE - DMZ Defoliation - Effectiveness of Operations

PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE - In-Country Operations - Out-Country Operations

TACTICAL AIRLIFT OPERATIONS - Mission Accomplishments - C-7A Caribou - C-123 Provider - Communications - Aerial Port Operations - Support of Ground Forces

BASE DEFENSE - Security Measures - AC-47 Aircraft - Base Attacks - Binh Thuy Air Base - Pleiku-Holloway Airfield - Da Nang Air Base - Bien Hoa Air Base - Antiaircraft Defense

ROLLING THUNDER - Program Objectives - Targeting Concepts - Northeast Quadrant - Lines of Communication - Industrial Targets - Thermal Power Plants - POL Facilities - Airfields - All-Weather Bombing Capability - Walleye Glide Bomb - Assessment

NORTH VIETNAM AIR DEFENSE SYSTEM: Assessment - MiGs - Antiaircraft - Surface-to-Air Missiles

VNAF Resources

161 pages - in english