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Moniteur de l'Aéronautique - French post-WWII prototypes and aircraft (ebook)

£11.00 - £11.00
£11.00 - £11.00

Prototypes et avions français de l'après-guerre

Through 49 issues of Le Moniteur de l'Aéronautique

The first issue of the magazine "Le Moniteur de l'Aéronautique" hit the newsstands in October 1977. In November 1981, the last issue ended 49 issues rich in aviation news and history.

This compilation reflects the French policy of developing combat aircraft prototypes between 1945 and 1960: it is incredibly rich. Many of the aircraft described in the pages of the Moniteur de l'Aéronautique were never produced in series. They nevertheless had remarkable characteristics and technological innovations. The 20 articles included in this edition give a faithful picture of the research avenues followed by the design offices of manufacturers who have now disappeared or who, for the most part, have merged into the large SNIAS, then EADS, then Airbus groups. No Dassault prototypes are mentioned in this compilation as they are the subject of a separate edition.

Fragmentary, quasi-impressionist, this compilation does not pretend to treat the subject in an exhaustive way. It simply has the value of a snapshot that fixes a certain vision.
The way things were seen more than forty years ago.

179 pages - in French

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