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Aircrash, year 1965

£22.00 - £22.00
£22.00 - £22.00

Aircrash, year 1965

Michel Garcia and Jean-Louis Gaynecoetche

Air Force Association

Flight safety has improved enormously in 50 years in all the major Western air forces. On the other hand, missions have become much more complex, with fewer flying hours and confined to geographically restricted areas. Each accident is a reminder that the job of a military pilot is terribly demanding.

For many years now, Aircrash has been writing down all French military accidents in detail with information drawn from the best sources. Originally intended mainly for spotters, this compilation was quickly adopted by many other researchers in the aeronautical field: historians, journalists ... and military personnel.

Each book is divided into three sections:

- An ephemeris of the highlights of the year or decade covered.

- Details of the accidents in chronological order.

- One or more listings of aircraft that operated during the period in question.

The information comes from various sources close to the military or aeronautical circles. At best, official releases only serve as an alarm bell to start serious research: finding out the circumstances, identifying the aircraft and personnel involved.

The authors - Michel Garcia and Jean-Louis Gaynecoetche - have been following French Air Force news for more than thirty years, the former as a specialist journalist and the latter as a former senior officer and recognised Mirage III specialist.

The issue devoted to this year 1965 is that of the metamorphosis of the French Air Force. The first Crusaders, Mirage IV, C-135F, and Atlantic entered service; the Puma, Super Hornet and Mystère 20 took flight. They will take on a face that they will keep until recently. In 139 pages and 180 photos - often unpublished - of information that has gone unnoticed, fragmentary or in silence, this fascinating volume sheds a special light on this year of profound transition. An interesting "Air Spot" section is devoted to the Boeing C-135F Stratotanker, which is entering service to refuel the Mirage IVs of the nuclear deterrent force...

262 pages - in French

Aircrash has the particularity of being available first in digital version and then, through a subscription, in printed version when the number of 250 reservations is reached. To subscribe to the printed version at the special price of 40€ (+ postage), click here.